L'Observatoire Bizarre

  • Elisa Frenay

Client: Royal Academy of Art Year: 2017 L'Observatoire Bizarre is an interactive performative installation created for the Royal Academy Late on the December 9 inspired by the Dali/Duchamp exhibition. The installation was designed as an institute of surreal research within which 4 departments - Optical Illusions, Chance (see photographs below) , 4th Dimensions and Eroticism - were organising different workshops every hour. On top of helping design the overall set up, I was part of the Chance department along with 2 other students and designed a series of surreal fortune telling games for the visitors - the game of cards, the game of sticks and the game of dices. L’Observatoire Bizarre was displayed at the Royal Academy of Arts on December 9, 2017 and welcomed over 400 visitors. For more information, visit: https://elisafrenay.com/ COLLABORATORS Samuel Wangsaputra Ieva Simkonyte