'La Verja' Life behind a closed frontier

A book that tells the story of the 1969 Gibraltarian frontier through the eyes of my family. The frontier closed when my dad was six, he, his four other siblings and my grandparents lived through it. The idea is to tell the story from a very personal perspective. The main events are explained through historical accounts acquired through research. These serve as the pillars around which the story is told. In order to add a personal and emotive touch, personal accounts have been taken from my auntie, uncles and grandmother, as they recall what life was like at the time. These are used throughout the book to add context and backstory, and are displayed as quotes.

The main events that section the book are the following:
• The 1967 Referendum
• The 1969 Frontier Closure
• The Pedestrian Re-Openeing 1982
• The Full Frontier Re-Opening 1985 • Gibraltar Today
• Threat of Brexit

The facts and quotes are accompanied throughout the book by a range of photography. The intentions were that this would be a photographic book that uses text where required to tell a compelling and engaging story. Some of the photographs date back to the period between 1967-1985 and have been taken from the following sources:
• Gibraltar Heritage Trust
• Gibraltar Government Archives • Family albums
• A local facebook page ‘Gibraltar Old Photos’ The rest of the photos were taken by myself on 35mm film and were taken between December 2016 and January 2017.


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