'La Verja' Life on either side of an uncertain frontier

The concept was to create 15 print based individual profiles and a short video that explain the current social and political climate in Gibraltar and the Campo de Gibraltar, with specific regard to the developments post Brexit.
The idea is to convey local perspectives and opinions to a UK audience. As a result of recent news headlines, many in Gibraltar feel that the situation is misrepresented and miscommunicated. The project draws mainly on the opinions and feelings of 15 local individuals, all who have been interviewed and photographed.

• Front with portrait photo, persons name, location, nationality and the year
• Back consisting of a photo of either Gibraltar of Spain, whichever is relevant to the individual
• Inside with a 5 question structured interview
• Done using a risograph printer
• 250 gsm paper
• Red & black ink

• Consists of 26 different video clips
• Utilises 15 portrait photos
• Video accompanied by ambient sounds that help create a sense of atmosphere
• Functions as an introduction to the prints

• The relationship between Gibraltarians and Spaniards
• The local economy and interdependence between Gibraltar and the Campo de Gibraltar
• The potential impacts of Brexit
• Gibraltar’s sovereignty
• The physical frontier and its e ect on people in the area
• The future of the frontier The basis of the project is to convey personal opinion.

The ideas and statements expressed by the 15 individuals do not necessarily resonate with myself. The interviews are unaltered and there is no specific direction in which this project is aimed - it serves to give a real insight into how different people feel. The interviews that were conducted in Spanish were translated into English in order to be able to be read by the target audience.

Team Credits

Nicholas Naughton-Rumbo

  • Message
  • Graphic Design Graduate

Project Tags

  • Graphic Design
  • Print Design
  • Gibraltar
  • Politics
  • Risograph printing
  • photography
  • film photography
  • 35mm film
  • Interviewing
  • Typography

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