Creating an experience of self-reflection through verbalization
Lacu is a wall-mounted soundproof area to converse, reflect on a problem and realise a solution by oneself. It is designed to be a stepping stone between having an issue and seeking professional help by encouraging the user to verbalise their problems or anxieties, and thereby stimulate a different area of brain, which helps provide a solution in a similar way to cognitive behavioural therapy.
Lacu houses an artificial intelligence which prompts and detects keywords that users say, and provides a visual representation of what is being said. The interior is designed to induce a feeling of infinity and 'speaking outwards'. At the end of each session, it provides a printout receipt, which gives a redacted overview of what was said. The main application of Lacu is in the workplace, where the AI can securely and anonymously analyse macro issues and flag them as areas in need of remedy.

Team Credits

Ken Fujiyoshi

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  • design technologist

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  • mental health
  • interaction design
  • Artificial Intelligence