Launching a flagship product

  • Kim Walker

Stark ID is Stark’s industry leading energy analytics platform. It’s used daily by thousands of organisations who need to reduce their energy waste and cut costs. Working closely with the Head of Product and the Marketing team, we successfully made it a product launch to remember…

Pre-launch awareness at industry events

In the run up to launch, we took a demo of Stark ID to some trade shows to see what features users were most excited about using. This insight helped us to refine key marketing messages for launch and create a ripple of anticipation within the energy management industry. I designed a reusable, low-budget shell scheme stand that attracted hundreds of visitors at EMEX 2017. The bold design won Bronze in the World Exhibition Stand Awards for it’s size category.

Preparing a nationwide product roadshow

Engaged users of Stark ID’s predecessor SavenergyOnline were invited to attend nationwide breakfast roadshow events pre-launch. Here they could learn more about the new product, get 1-2-1 surgery advice, feedback suggestions for the product roadmap and register for migration on the launch date. Making the roadshow a success involved creating a persuasive promotional campaign as well as branded merchandise details that made event guests feel like VIPs.

The big launch day campaign

Promotional videos, hype building tweets, easy to follow instruction emails, new landing pages and sales literature - not only did we have it all covered, we made sure it was Stark’s biggest unified visual campaign to date.

Celebrating the milestone

After years of work, getting Stark ID to the start line was a big deal for all teams involved, one that shouldn’t go uncelebrated. I project managed a companywide celebration that not only involved all day festivities at the head offices, but also included the nationwide engineers out on the roads with branded goodies and remote activities sent to their homes.