Levi's Music Project

Levi's has long been entrenched in the music scene, allowing artists and musicians to express themselves on and off stage. The company wanted to reconnect with its musical roots and give back to an industry that has helped define the brand for decades. The Levi's Music Project is an initiative that unites artists with their local communities to help inspire the next generation of musicians. To launch the project, we partnered with Alicia Keys, Vince Staples, and SZA to create something uniquely tailored to their individual communities, ensuring their initiatives would have a personal and lasting impact.

Alicia Keys

Though she rose quickly on the world stage, Alicia Keys has never forgotten who she is or where she comes from. A New Yorker through and through, she went back to her roots to support music in Brooklyn, NY.
Alicia launched the Music Technology program at the Edward R. Murrow High School, giving students access to courses in sound engineering, recording, producing, music scoring, and more.

Vince Staples

For Vince Staples, Long Beach is home. Despite his rough childhood, Vince knows there’s nothing more important than the community that shaped him as a person—and as a musician.
He returned to his neighborhood to develop a year-round Music Technology education program and studio at the Long Beach YMCA.


Music and nutrition have always been intertwined for SZA. The New Jersey-raised artist believes that the first step to being creative is to fuel your body with the right ingredients.
To bring that awareness to young children and families, SZA went back to Camden to launch a music workshop and summer concert series, uniting the community around music and healthy living.


Limited edition #SupportMusic pins let people donate to the artists' initiatives and proudly show their support.

Going Global

Since launching in 2016, the program has expanded globally to the U.K., France, Spain, and Germany.
Working with Skepta, Hyphen Hyphen, Rosalia, and St. Pauli FC, the Levi's Music Project has connected young musicians across the world with music education programs, community resources, and firsthand experiences with industry-leading artists.


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