LFW City-Wide Celebration September 2019

  • Rachel Cooper

London Fashion Week September 2020 became the first of the four global fashion weeks to open its doors to the public, offering a dedicated experiences for both a trade and public audience through one dynamic schedule, further blurring the lines of what was traditionally known as a global trade platform. In response to the ever-changing fashion landscape and the growing public interest towards London Fashion Week, the BFC launched a new Fashion Week format to increase engagement and reach new audiences for designer businesses. LFW City-Wide Celebration extended the celebration of London Fashion Week to consumers with activations and events curated by the BFC in partnership with key retailers, cultural institutions, brands and partners to engage communities throughout the capital to get involved and capitalise on the success of this global event to reach new audiences. The aim being to inspire young people and make LFW a cultural city-wide celebration that will introduce fashion to a wider pool of people who may not have previously engaged with it or understand the incredible careers and opportunities that the industry holds.