Life Less Ordinary: Performance and Display in South African Art

  • Paul Leadbitter
Book design
When making books I work collaboratively, sharing responsibility for idea generation, concept development, picture editing, and layout development. I’m always actively involved with the writing and editing too.
Working with Anna Douglas always results in a volume that will have meaning long after the associated event or exhibition has closed.
Life Less Ordinary was our first collaboration following Anna’s trip to South Africa to discover artist’s post-apartheid preoccupations. The focus on the body underlies this collection of artists’ work, prefaced by a survey of ethnographic photographer Alfred Duggan-Cronin’s work, and a thought provoking piece on racial biopolitics.
The exhibition opened in Nottingham’s Djanogly Art Gallery in September 2009.
Other work included the design of the logotype and exhibition graphics.
We were particularly impressed by the creative input to the design concept of the publication and Paul’s unfailing eye for detail throughout. The catalogue had to be produced to a very tight deadline and a very specific budget, and both requirements were fulfilled to our complete satisfaction.
Neil Walker Visual Arts Officer, Djanogly Art Gallery
210mm x 210mm
CMYK throughout
Issuu (online version of the book)
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