Tillandsia (etymologically from Swedish botanist Elias Tillandz), also called “air plant” (whose name is due to its particolar need of humidity), is a genus of around 500 species of evergreen, perennial flowering plants in the family Bromeliaceae, native to the forests, mountains and deserts of Central and South America and the southern United State. Tillandsia species are epiphytes, which means that they normally grow without soil while attached to other plants and rocks, even if they have not roots. Tillandsia is sensitive to temperatures and light, it can survive for long periods of drought, nevertheless it doesn’t require typical gardening practices, such as frequent watering, paring down, etc. Tillandsias can be grown basically anywhere, you just need to remind that their staple is humidity, so they need to be as free as possible.
Based on the premise that I did, I've been able to trace the features of the final product. Pursuing on a new concept of incorporeal vase, my idea was to make an open, aerial container that it suited to tillandsia’s necessity and consistence. Besides the final product needed to be as minimal and not pretentious as possible, otherwise it would prevail the plant, which is the subject matter. I also take account of tillandsia’s emotional features, such as is ethereal, intangible, fairy and unreal guise. On account of this I take advantage of natural materials, making essential and not virtual habitats, able to declare the truthfulness of the plant I also considered the numerous species of tillandsias on the market which helped me to think about different uses of the product as a feature of. As a consequence of this analysis it is easy to under- stand my research, based on function and emotions instead of mere form.
Liila is not a well-defined product, but a kit consisting of all this elements, necessary to the user to personalize his location. Different sizes of branches of wood and transparent nylon thread are items of this incorporeal project, strengthen by a profound study of sistem and communication, well illustrated on its instruction booklet.

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