Like a film about greek gods in the 60s

like a film about Greek gods in the 60s
This Project is an exploration of contemporary society via a combination of candid and choreographed images to document the life of a group of London friends. It is an Attempt at exploring the limits of fiction and reality and to disassociate millennials from the burden of social media etiquette.
Fragment of a conversation with Owen Brakspear (member of the London group)
Are you there?
How would you describe your group of friends?
Do you consider to be part of a subculture?
I would not describe this dear lot as a subculture, no, but if I was being pedantic, which I am, I would say that we act in a way that is a result of our lack of desire or negation of any cultural asosiaction/designation, we just want to have silly fun and show of a bit, don't we?
I suppose that we see the terrible meaningless space that exists, the one where people who act out their roles as outwardly respectable citizens and do not acknowledge their own false façade, or dare not exit it even if they do acknowledge it. Our space works to totally sabotage any notion of respectability or decorum, and thereby get the desired reaction, because it is shocking. And besides, you can also look indecently fabulous, ridiculous, and terrifying all at once. So we are inwardly quite vain, but also, at the same time, have no self-respect for our image in the eyes of ‘respectable citizens.’
Do you think that is a consequence of being born in the 90s?
The 90s generation is one that welcomed the internet and reality TV and turned reality into the number one source of entertainment.
Yes, for the same reason as our being born after the 60s and 70s and 80s, because of the desire to shock, but in terms of this generation, yes I think the internet has a lot to do with it or, and I feel ashamed to admit it, without the internet I doubt there would be as much incentive to take the pictures. And yeah, definitely, I think that altering reality is a real outcome of the internet and social media. It alters our relationships and perceptions of others even when we're not with them. I guess that in enacting these strange occasions like our New Year’s debauchery we are taking that to the extreme, not only doing it for the camera, but also because it takes the piss of the whole field of perception, both on the internet and in real life. We are deconstructing all the posturing and correctness that comes with being seen online or in the flesh.

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