Listen To Kurosawa

D&AD 2015 | Monotype Brief
Create a new visual language for film advertising. Take a director of your choice and use the power of type to promote a retrospective screening of their films. Create something that makes film fans, old and new, not want to miss this event.
Kurosawa ( 1910 — 1998 ) was a ‘hands-on’ director, stepping in at each element of filming. His filming style is known for its dynamic visual expression and use of natural environment, with stories on humanism. Kurosawa was very particular with sound recording while filming.
For example, he used the sound of stabbing an orange to simulate the sound of stabbing a human body as per the gang fight in the film, YOJINBO. This was the first Japanese film to record the sound in
this way. The sound is written in Katakana, one of Japanese syllabaries which is meant to describe sound. I intend to visualise his
characteristics of style by taking photo of 3D onomatopoeic words
in a natural environment.


Tomoko Monno

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