Little Town

This town... This little town...
This is an ongoing photographic project that I created in my mind a few years ago.
It's some kind of a diary that is based on feelings and experiences with my family, relatives, friends, and the general atmosphere of a small town where I practically grew up and where my ancestors originate from.
I have always perceived memories as if I stopped the plot of a film and gathered from it only a certain part, moment or situation. My project is a personal document which plays with dreamlike visions, bizarre scenes, and sometimes humorous situations. It shows a world that is built on real facts, characters and locations, but is turned into a movie scene. Memories of moments and the tension of an expected future are graded, sequenced, recorded as drawing up the outline script for a film. Each story operates independently and has it's own poetics and emotion. They display a small town with a rural character and its people, which has always been for me kind of a gateway and a portal through which you can return to the past. That is the reason why most of the images consciously doesn't take place at the present time. People on images act as characters from a movie screen representing certain situations but they don't reveal everything. They are more like an illustration of decisive moments.
Through these images I try to immerse the spectator and the observer in situations which let them run free and create their own world and story.

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Katarina Tamova

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