Live In Levi's Project

  • Crystal Yu

Since 2014, the Live In Levi's Project has celebrated the stories and styles of people around the world. In 2017, Levi's wanted a different approach—something that gave new meaning to the LIL Project. They asked us for a global campaign that could showcase their latest products, recognize their iconic history, and continue to inspire people to Live In Levi's. We thought the best way to inject new meaning into the campaign was to honor those who Live In Levi's every day: the Levi's employees. We wanted to feature the designers, craftsmen, and tailors who bring art and science to life in Levi's denim.

Inside Eureka Lab

To celebrate their hard work and passion, we created a 360° experience of their workspace, the Eureka Innovation Lab. The 360° experience seamlessly tracks which hotspots you've already viewed and which ones you can still explore. The mobile experience also allows people to use their phone's accelerometer to see every angle of Eureka Lab.
Each room offers a different story. From design to sustainability to tailoring, the experience gives people a chance to dive head first into the inspiration behind Levi's denim. And with Levi's employees as our tour guides, people get a unique, first-hand account of each step in the process.

Behind the Seams

With dozens of interviews, photo galleries, and editorials, the experience gives people a behind-the-scenes look at the brand's storied history, the company's latest creations, and how their own employees Live In Levi's.