Logo, brand identity, social media for Legendary Leader

  • Karen Dahlquist

The vision behind Legendary Leader was crystal clear. The logo and presence needed to embody: patriotism, history, hope, future, and a sense of breaking through today’s cynicism and hopelessness. The final logo shows two L shapes mirroring and working with each other with an open-ended, limitless top. It has the feeling of strength, “superhero-ness”, and patriotism. The upward movement with the triangles and arrows point to the limitless future and growth potential. Also largely, this is a video platform, the triangle also invites the viewer to hit ‘play’ and get inspired. A combination of hand drawing using the old Adobe Draw app on the iPad, Photoshop collage work, and Adobe Illustrator logo creation. The YouTube banner graphic is a dark, gritty background that has super-imposed hand-sketched elements on top of it. My vision was that the elements would be animated in motion – alive – turning while the video starts off dark, without hope… and then the bright light of the star comes in vibrantly and reveals the logo and the animated elements start also coming alive. I did not create the intro video used on the YouTube channel, but I did instruct my client what the vision I hoped would be. They did a GREAT JOB! It totally fit what I dreamed it could be.