• Ronna Sakowska
  • stewart smith

A few of my favourite logo projects from 2019-2020 and some notes on the process and decisions made.

Careers Hub

Having met with the newly appointed Head of Careers at Sparsholt College Group, we had a chat about some of her needs and the future applications of the logo. I sketched up a range of ideas, some based on her prompts, others my own, and I put together vector drafts with her top selections. The concept below was one of mine and became the favourite for her and our various stakeholders - a simple grid-based signpost to communicate the various paths students can take, and the Careers Hub being there to offer direction.
Wellbeing Team

The cross-campus Wellbeing team provides students with a wide range of support from home life to social difficulties. The project was initially launched as a student competition where I would turn the winning idea into a finished design, however we had very few entries, and none were found suitable for our message.

I did some research into the general wellness and wellbeing sector and how it's typically represented, but found most of the ideas either completely abstract, which I knew would not work for our stakeholders, or not suitable for our context.

Instead, I decided to start with the OK Hand emoji - a symbol that would be immediatelly recognisable to a student population - paired with its reversed twin as a gyan mudra - one of the hand positions used in yoga, another symbol that has become pretty ubiquitous.

The logo was designed to sit comfortably alongside the Careers Hub icon above and also based on a grid.
Sparsholt Spartans Basketball Team

The College was launching a new sports team and needed a logo that would hold up well against their Hampshire competitors. In my research, I found the team logos to be quite bold, illustrative, and seemingly influenced by American University/Sports design. Team colours and a reflection of the name were a requirement.

I initially wanted to go the more illustrative route and I played around with various ways to depict Spartans - shields, silhouettes, and more - in the end however, I opted to develop a simple icon of one of their classic helms which would 'crown' the text, the main feature. The name - its alliteration and lenght - lent itself well to this approach, and would have been challenging to fit legibly otherwise.

Unfortunately, the team was scrapped :) But the coach was very happy, and I go to go outside of my comfort zone.
The Benefit Shop

This was a logo designed as a component of a design task I was working on for a sub-section of a larger corporation which provides benefits to its employees.

Ink Tribe

This logo was developed for a T-shirt company start up that specialised reproducing in tattoo-style designs. The logo had to be small and simple enough to comfortably print on clothing tags.

As such, I took inspiration from tattoos opting to represent the 'tribe' portion with some fletched arrows, the bold artwork and simple shading echoing retro tattoo art.