Looking for an 'Experienced Junior' ?!

(This article is my very own reflexion and should not be taken as a generalization, I know my opinions are not universally shared and I know I might be wrong as well. This only is a sharing of thoughts regarding my field i.e. Marketing, Advertising & Communication)
This is it. A new generation is coming to take the reins, but companies still try to figure us out, so they take a lot of precautions before accepting us into their world. This is a bit overdramatic, but here is a fact : the generation Y has been described thousand times, but some of the X's are still scared of us. No worries, we don't bite !
The professional patterns have evolved, the technology has evolved, the social environment has evolved, ... Well yes, but that does not mean you should try to avoid us as long as you can before hiring us. We do want a life different than yours - most of the time -, but we do want to work and be able to bring something to the world. You just have to invest in us. Remember when you talk about how easy it was to find a job in days of yore... Well, you are the reason we don't get to experience that.
If it is not true for every person of my generation, I can affirm that most of the people I know now don't just want a bunch of cash. Our objective is not to climb the professional ladder step by step and have a peaceful life, written in the books way before it happens. We want money, of course, we are not that silly. But we look for a thrilling experience, that has bad sides, that makes us feel alive and useful. We are just the result of your uncomplete careers.
Because you were taught that money is the most important parameter of life. It was not officially said, but I can see that most of the X's have the strongest link with money. And maybe because when your parents were young, they didn't have it and it left scars. That sounds fair to me. But the point is that, today, in the current European society we live in, money cannot be the first parameter because we have grown with it and you taught us how we should appreciate it. And we do. We just want more. Better, actually.
We had the chance to access school thanks to you, to grow in a peaceful and rich (literally and figurative) environment. That also made us more independent, more open, and more greedy. We know about all the possibilities offered to this world, we can be whoever we want. And this is not driven by the will of money (only). You should start trusting our generation because we have a lot to offer and have the strongest will to do it.
Your parents trusted you when they offered jobs to 'juniors', do the same ! I cannot stand seeing one more time the job title 'Experienced Junior', this is a complete non sense and a proof that you don't know what to expect from us. Take us as we are. You will always find financial people with a will to grow a big wallet, you will always find social workers who want to help, you will always find any profile you want actually. If our motivations evolved a bit, we more than ever choose a path for the interest that we have in it.
We have to learn, still, this is true. And thank whoever is up there we do. Just as you do, just as anyone does. A professional collaboration is a mutual investment that implies money and time. That is just the way it works and that it always worked. And be thankful we had internships during our studies. We are coming on the job market with a big knowledge luggage that we could test for a minimum wage in other companies... What more do you want ? We cannot give the insurance that we will stay forever, that is right. But you wouldn't want us forever, you need fresh brains all the time. How do you expect to survive in this world otherwise ?
Anyway, I might have been making generalizations and I did over react because this 'Experienced Junior' title sounds so unfair to me. But think about it, my X's friends. We just want to help, make our own decisions and, just as you wanted, to live our own life. 

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François Cruz-Mermy
Strategist - Content Manager