Looking for Networks for creative projects and business ventures

  • Denzel Wireko

I'm working on my entertainment and media brand which will aim to produce authentic media and entertainment content aswell as fun content such as dating comedy shows. Ventures include : Films/Documentaries, Chat show,Podcast, Events, Black owned Independent radio station and Record Label Aiming to extensively expand my network with different creatives as I am working on multiple business venture ideas and projects such as film script writing,podcasting,events planning, fun content creating Creative Networks looking for : Record label executives/A&R's (Aspiring & Experienced) Real Estate Investors ( (Aspiring & Experienced) Property Investors ( (Aspiring & Experienced) DJ's Coders Clothing designers/Entrepreneurs (Aspiring & Experienced) Event planners and managers (Aspiring & Experienced) Videographers (Aspiring & Experienced) Photographers ( (Aspiring & Experienced) Film makers (Aspiring & Experienced) Film directors (Aspiring & Experienced) Film Producer (Aspiring & Experienced) Fashion Designers (Aspiring & Experienced) Creative Designers (Aspiring & Experienced) Stylists (Aspiring & Experienced) Investors (Aspiring & Experienced) Content creators (Aspiring & Experienced) Entrepreneurs (Aspiring & Experienced) Screen Writers (Aspiring & Experienced) NOT LIMITED TO LIST ABOVE OTHER CREATIVES FEEL FREE TO CONNECT WITH ME !