LOST iN: editorial strategy & content curation

  • Lucie Ulrich

LOST iN is an independent travel guide for people that want to dive in to the identity of a place, the flavours, the sounds and, most importantly, the people that make it unique. Printed guides and a mobile app are free from tourist traps and full of ways to discover what it is that makes the world’s greatest cities all that great. TASKS: Curation and conceptual development of a new editorial format that reinvents the world of sports, healthy living, food 
and wellbeing for creative travelers, digital nomads and sports enthusiasts. Strategic conception of content layers, content structure, content formats, topics and geographical scope. Researching and interviewing forward-thinking protagonists for showcases, interviews and features in Amsterdam, Berlin, Copenhagen, London, Paris and Stockholm. Editing of texts. Editorial management, briefing and direction of freelance writers. www.lostin.com