Luminate brand launch

  • Joseph Richardson
  • Filipe Roque

Established by the founder of eBay, Luminate fund progressive organisations building stronger societies around the world. We created a brand as unwavering as their convictions – helping their voice and impact carry further. I worked with strategists to articulate Luminate’s identity – before writing all the copy for their website and launch campaign in a newly defined tone of voice.

Clarity in a complex world

We sought brevity and clarity in all our messaging. Using bold typography and graphic language to amplify Luminate’s voice, the strong, provocative tone runs deliberately counter to the organisation’s more neutral name.

Weighing every word

Being direct with language while writing the website was vital — but there were also tonal sensitivities to consider. Luminate works across countries with varying political and social norms. An innocuous phrase in one could be inflammatory in another. A delicate touch — and local guidance — was required.

The future of philanthropies

Luminate launched in late 2018 with an event at the Institute of Contemporary Arts. The brand has since been nominated for awards in Europe and Australia. More importantly, it’s helping Luminate’s voice cut through the noise – strengthening their advocacy and better supporting societies under attack.