Luna Mental Heath Cafe

The year is 2026. Family and friend time is no more. Family and friend time has been lost with long working hours Friends only communicate through digital platforms Social networking advances have allowed family to keep relationships when not physically together My task was to create a brand for a cafe that can adapt to life in 2026.

Statistically (Mind, n.d.) 1 in 4 adults experience mental health issues every year. A key part of many peoples recovery process is support from their family and friends. If, in the future, we have significantly reduced interaction with these people mental health problems will inevitably rise.
I have decided to create a Cafe to help people with mental illnesses.
Cafe Brand Values
These cafe brand values will be portrayed through the branding.
Welcoming: This is important as I want to encourage the people to come who were unsure or wouldn’t visit a Cafe like this. I want it to feel like a safe and welcoming place someone with a problem can go.
Reliability: The Cafe must be seen to be reliable. The people who attend the cafe will probably come back multiple times and use the cafe as a support system.
Positivity: The Cafe must give off a happy, positive vibe. I want the customer to have a positive experience in the Cafe from the moment they arrive to the moment they leave.
24 hours
Staff Trained in Mental Health
Mood Enhancing Food and Drink
Quiet Area
Arts Activities
Anxiety Reducing Interior Design
SAD Lighting
I have chosen Luna as the name of the cafe. I think it works because it is simple, short and memorable. Luna links to the moon, which is appropriate as the cafe is open 24hr. It also symbolises light and hope which are important to someone with mental health problems.
My final logo is a generative logo. I have set the ‘luna’ inside a slightly uneven circle, in which anyone can draw on the inside and make it their own. This idea will be promoted in the art classes held at the cafe where the customers can create their own logo. Also, as the logo type is hand drawn, it means that anyone can recreate the logo with their own hand writing. The main logos used on packaging and inside the cafe will be the top two colours. The bottom two are examples of how a customer might design the logos.
There will be a winning logo design every month which will be displayed as a poster in the cafe. This generative logo idea will emphasise the idea that everyone can get something out of going to this cafe. I think this logo works well as it looks friendly, non-threatening, and it encourages people to engage with the cafe and the brand identity. 
The overall aim of Luna is to get people talking more and to help them with their mental health issues. I wanted to get that across in my poster for the cafe, therefore I chose to go with the simple phrase ‘lets have a chatter’. I then decided to use some colloquial phrases for chat, to make it seem informal and also to target people from different regions of the country. I feel this shows the diversity of the cafe and how it welcomes everyone in a friendly, informal setting.
I decided to stick with the blues that make up the brand identity. I chose Din 17, which is a rounded sans serif typeface. I thought this was appropriate as it gives off a friendly vibe, as does the 3D effect on the main body of type.
As Luna is fundamentally to get people talking more and this advertising will get people to connect with that purpose of Luna. As people don’t talk on the tube I am going to put photobooth vending machines in the trains. This will advertise to people on their commuter route home. It will not only advertise Luna but also their mood boosting teas. There will be a simple screen where people must take a picture with their friend or a stranger and will be encouraged to have a chat with them. If they do this they will get two cups of mood boosting tea for 50p each. The picture they take will be printed on the takeaway cup along with information about Luna.
Another advertising event for Luna will be large 3D logos in city squares that people can draw on themselves and create their own logo. This will interrupt people on their way home from work and during the day. This will get people involved with the brand identity and allow them to get involved with the brand itself. There will be people around the events giving out free cups of mood boosting tea and telling people about Luna.
The following images show simple mock up's and floor plans of what the interior of the cafe could look like. For this I researched into anxiety reducing interior design, which led me to include lots of light, windows, and a circular design.

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Emily Georgia Lord

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