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This report is a study on the Norwegian black metal movement and its culture. Examining the infamous events of the scene in the 1990’s and medias effect on the scene and events. Also exploring the impact of the genre, central figures and overall scene had on the next generation of metal musicians, cultural export and music industry. In addition, researching the myths of the scene and separating reality from the myths and rumours. Researching by using primary sources, interviews with prominent figures in the movement and secondary sources, books, publications and documentaries on the topic. The research in this report was primarily by secondary sources, books publications and documentaries about the Norwegian and global black metal movement. As primary sources were hard to come by. Initially the intention of this report was to study the export value of the Norwegian black metal scene but there are no statistics or numbers. Therefore, the study changed focus to the culture, myths and heritage. Finding that the Norwegian black metal scene is misrepresented, even though the scene had its moments of mayhem and has influenced many bands in diverse genres.

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Charlotte Marie Nordskag

  • Hostess & barteder

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Charlotte Marie Nordskag
Hostess & barteder