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Paris : the ideal
Idealism - the tendency to represent things in an ideal form or as they might or should be rather than as they are.1
A few days ago, I returned from Paris, in my eyes the ideal form of any city and not because of its perfection but Paris' unapologetic beauty which grabs hold of you and your soul and won't release you. However, one rarely struggles when under this Parisian spell, instead you surrender your heart, to beat in accord with her pulsating rhythm. When one arrives within the centre of her heart, the trembling of the metro below is felt, one can smell the aroma of the Parisians' electric cigarettes and can sense the euphoria of those who have come to pass through her streets. Besides the grandeur of Paris' buildings and the streets on which they lay, I fell in love with the city's greatest artery - the Seine and the life based around its banks. The Parisian life is enhanced by the forever lingering melody coming from each street corner produced by musicians and artists alike who have flocked to the city, making Paris a timeless muse for the creators of beauty. I once read that an ideal is an impractical form or even a vision of one's imagination, in that sense Paris faithfully confirms this thesis of idealism, as she is in no way practical, her structures, her streets are all in fact an impractical vision of her creators, all raised for the sake of beauty !
Evolution, through 'Her' 07.04.2014
The evolution of mankind has been the cause of wars, breakthroughs and the evolution of society and its structure alike. This metamorphosis and its constant state of improvement has fabricated a human who has lost the need for others and has fallen into a state of isolation where he has simulated everything that was once natural. 
Spike Jonze through his movie "Her" has depicted a near state of our society where love is just a simulation and feelings are simply part of the programming. Theodore, the protagonist of this modern age love story, has lost himself in the past, clinging onto the memories of what once was. Whilst in the cycle of monotony and loneliness he installs Samantha, an OS whose fresh perspective on life helps him rediscover his passion for it and gives him the urge to look forward and move on. However, Samantha's artificial intelligence and rapid evolution leaves Theo behind. 
Humans are far from the ideal form, their system failures and deficiencies cannot be updated and debugged, instead we learn from our mistakes in order to move forward into the future.

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