Making Meakin More

When working with a local tenants organisation, a colleague and I looked to regenerate a community square within Meakin Estate.

After various consultations with local residents, attending meetings and carrying out first hand research, we started constructing a shortlist of appropriate equipment for the square. By including a number of variables, we were able to progressively narrow down our choices to a range of seating, play equipment and other garden furniture.

These items and the regeneration was intended to reconnect the community. By providing a freshly formed space, for both adults and children, the residents would be given the opportunity to spend time outside in their local community engaging with neighbours.

To involve the community in the regeneration of the project and to allow them a say in what they would like in their area, we created a scaled model table. Each person was able to configure equipment as they wished.

Once their design was complete, pressing the button to signify completion, a webcam photo captured the design. From the collection of photos we were able to form an understanding of what were the most popular positions and equipment within the square. From this a final design was created showcasing the efforts of all the residents.

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