Male Breast Cancer Awareness campaign

What: A concept interactive advertisement by Breast Cancer Now. 
Who: Mainly aimed towards women.
Why: To raise the awareness of breast cancer in men.
This piece of interactive advertising is printed onto scuba material and mounted on top of foam. Beads or similar are embedded below the memory foam to represent the lumps that could be found in a case of breast cancer. The reason for using this combination of materials is to create a tactile outcome encouraging the user to touch the poster. The ultimate result brings about an awareness of male breast cancer in an innovative and interactive manner.
The target market of the poster initially appears to be women. This poster is playing on the fact the a women would want to touch this aesthetically looking torso, however on further reading it is apparent that women are being targeted in order to reach men.
Women are far more likely to go to the doctors with a health problem and through many years of breast cancer campaigns they have a better awareness of the need to examine their breasts.
The aim of the poster is to get women to encourage the men in their lives to examine their breasts, get checked out, and to raise awareness that breast cancer does not just appear in women.
This slightly risqué and provocative poster has been produced to start a conversation, to raise awareness and to deal with a serious matter in a way that is approachable and understandable.
Every couple of months mens toiletry brands will collaborate with Breast Cancer Now. This will involve their bottle displaying a silicone band wrapped around the bottle. On this band it will explain to the individual how to check himself for symptoms of breast cancer and where to go for symptom advice and guidance.

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Tilly Todd

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  • Freelance Graphic Designer & Illustrator

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