The seed as essence and part of the natural cycle of life: from the seed borne the plant and from the plant born the seed, in a continuous and infinite cycle.

    The seed as essence of vegan diet: all that vegans eat comes from a seed.

    The seed as essence of nourishment and wellness.

    The seed as essence of the ego: the mantra is an instrument of thought for searching the own spirit, the first point, the unconscious, the purity.

    The b?ja (“seme”) are monosyllables that generally do not have a semantic meaning or have lost it over the time.
    They must be interpreted as sounds simple acts to expressor evoke particular aspects of nature or the divine, and to which they are assigned specific functions and interpretations from school to school.
    Often the “verbal-seeds” are combined together to form a mantra, or used as a mantra themselves.

    AU?: OM
    AI?: the consciousness
    HR??: the illusion
    ?R??: the existence
    KL??: the desire
    KR??: the time
    DU?: the goddess Durga
    GA?: the God Ganapati
    H??: protects from anger and demons
    LA?: the earth
    VA?: the water
    RA?: the fire
    YA?: the air
    HA?: the ether

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