Marks and Spencer 2020/21

  • Megan Keeling

I’ve always known that I’d like to take a more sustainable approach to my work. After reading the brief and seeing that M&S wanted to update their “decorative hand-writing without the use of decals within hard accessories through the exploration of different techniques/substrates and applications.” I knew I could use this as an opportunity to start being more sustainable in my work. These pictures show my exploration into combustibles by adding pulses, flowers, herbs and other similar materials into slips to create a surface texture, at first within testers which then informed the final planter design. I also used oxide to stain the body and add pops of colour to each planter. By designing the planter to be multi-functional with the addition of a lid, this means that the planter can also be used as storage, preventing the item from being thrown away, and therefore contributing to sustainability.

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