Marti on OnlyFans, mama’s boys, and the best songs to have sex to | Pillow Talk | DAZED

  • Emilie Bruyere

To celebrate the release of her new song “LUST”, we got musician Marti to answer your sex & relationship questions through our DMs. Watch for Miss Marti’s words of wisdom on what to do if you don’t rate your friend’s man, spotting relationship red flags early on, and her playlist for getting down. “LUST” is available on OnlyFans, with proceeds raising money for sex workers through non-profits HIPS and DECRIMNOW, an organisation that’s fighting to legalise sex work. Read more here #PillowTalk is a new Dazed series where we answer sex and relationship questions sent in via our DMs. Subscribe to Dazed to see more Subscribe to Dazed Edited by Georgie Daley Interview Vanessa Hsieh Produced by Vanessa Hsieh, Emilie Bruyere Graphics Callum Abbott


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