Masculine: having qualities or appearance traditionally associated with men.

Masculine is a project which is compiled of a series of images that discuss the idea of gender ambiguity.

We are brought up to believe as a male or female we should act in particular ways, ways in which society tells us are right or wrong. Every one of us has probably heard of 'pink for a girl, blue for a boy', and as a child we are brought up believing that there are no other alternatives, that male and female interests do not and should not coincide.

However, today gender fluidity is a more open topic, with the decline of social stigma attached to same sex couples, gender is something that can be more openly discussed and acceptable. Due to this, there is a whole new group of people who brand themselves as being gender fluid, and define themselves as being neither male or female.

Despite this, there is still a mass amount of social stigma attached to the idea of male and female gender stereotypes interlinking, which is why I wish to photograph a hybrid of the two stereotypes. Through the use of photography, I am hoping to open up a sensitive topic and allow people to approach it and view it as something that is actually rather beautiful.

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Holly Spence

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Holly Spence