Matt Ryder: Mescaline Smoke

  • George O'Reilly
  • George Sampson
  • Federico Rinaldi
  • Harry Plowden
  • Lucy Cave
  • Theo Rhodes

What does it mean to be an authentic person? My latest work directing the Music Video for 'Mescaline Smoke' by artist Matt Ryder. The video explored the concept of individuals' authenticity. Matt's music touched me in many ways when I first started listening and developing creative ideas for a video. He mentioned his frustration with seemingly disconnected behaviours that occurred as he started going to parties. He wrote to me "I found myself constantly being dragged into situations that I didn't want to be in. Kids trying to live the whole night like it was a f*cking movie as if no one else existed. It came to a point where I would remove myself from these situations and then found myself dragged into other bad scenarios.". It felt like a throwback, diving into topics I so vividly remember thinking when I was younger, I could relate to Matt's observations so well. I was so excited to express these forgotten feelings. As always, this was a huge team effort from all roles. Our choreographer and dancers were pin-sharp every take, resulting in my focus being able to stay on the story. The cinematographer and colourist gave me such a strong sense of visual opportunities and creative control. I never felt so close to my initial envisions of the video in pre-production. The HMUA was incredible, bringing a very powerful edge to the video that helped bring a depth to the surreal atmosphere. The producer truly blew we away with his location scouting skills, I can confidently say I don't think there could have been a better location for this project. I could easily go on... You can find the full credits on IMDb. Read more about the video, and my experience directing it below: