Mayier International Car Rental Company

  • Shahid Ali

Mayier is an International Luxury Car Rental Company based in Dubai, UAE. Clients Goal =================== The client provided me with the design and asked me to develop the website using WordPress Custom Theme. He needs to add the search functionality so users can find the cars easily. The client wants to add the car details and contact form so the user can contact the admin to get the car on rent. My Contribution ==================== I developed the website according to the client's requirements. 1. I made the search functionality as per client requirements. So, now users can search any type of vehicle through the search bar and will get the result immediately. I made custom work here without using any plugin. 2. I added the custom post types, taxonomies, and functions for configuring their brands and cars. Now each and everything is very easy to manage from the backend. 3. Developed the 100% Custom WordPress theme using my own HTML Which I develop before making a custom WordPress theme.