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MCAST Final Exhibition Projection 2012

MCAST Final Exhibition Projection 2012

Produced by MCAST Art & Design lecturers for the opening of the MCAST 2012 Final Show.

Story by Kris Savona Ventura, Mark Scicluna & Moira Zahra
Concept Art & Background Design Mark Scicluna
3D Modelling & Animation Kris Savona Ventura
Frame by Frame 2D Animation and Compositing Moira Zahra
Compositing & 3D Architectural Mapping Paul Camilleri
Filming & Compositing Pablo Micallef
Frame by Frame Animation assistance Ruth Ancilleri
Filming Assistant Keith Abela
Animatic Assistance Eleonora Rose Abela
Original Score & Sound Design Sean Vella

Fashion Show organised by Anna Ancilleri, Louise Aquilina & 3D Design MCAST Students
Architectural Projection & fashion show filmed by John Paul Agius
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