• Begum Bahcecik

Meditopia is a mental wellness companion which uses meditation and digital therapeutics to build mental resilience in daily life. The platform improves mental wellbeing by combining mindfulness, science, and data with local touch in 10 different markets including Russia, Korea and Japan. It is a Berlin-based and VC-backed venture, which is currently the market leader in Health&Fitness applications category in Spain, Turkey, Mexico, Brazil, and whole LATAM region with total of 18M users. The Mission Reimagining the visual soul of the app in order to successfully rebrand it. The Challenge With the client eager to rebrand but insistent on retaining a lotus flower at the center of their icon so as not to confuse existing users, I had to develop a new and original take on highly overused imagery. The Solution Following a wide survey of lotus imagery, I moved away dense and bulky representations to embrace a more minimal and airy design meant to hint at the upright postures and deep, serene breathing that are at the heart of meditation practice ×

Icon of the app featured on launch page of Apple Watch Series 5 on
The icon of the application also animated and shared by @Apple on Twitter