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Mentor Mondays - Seymour Segnit

“Failure is critical to success. The average millionaire has failed 16-17 times before they hit the big one. And I think the learnings that come along the way are what make the ultimate success possible.”

As part of the new Mentor Mondays series we asked entrepreneur Seymour Segnit to share his thoughts on the importance of mentorship.

Born in 1963, Seymour Segnit’s career has seen him work for Oglivy & Mather and Saatchi & Saatchi, teach as an Alpine ski guide and enjoy a 12 month stint on British radio. 2002 saw a change of direction, when he decided to take the plunge and found his own business, Change That’s Right Now (CTRN), a company that works to support people with serious fears and phobias.

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