'Mermaid Chant' by Cubeterie

Collection: Mermaid Chant
Brand: Cubeterie
In classical mythology, the mermaids were beautiful women with fishtail and lovely voice, prodigiously attractive and hypnotic, able to bewitch men who listened to her chants.
The Mermaid Chant Collection, created from suggestive curves, is composed of a tremendously sensual and wonderful shapes that will captivate you from the first moment. Are you tempted?

This collection has seven pieces: three pendants, three rings and a bracelet, each with the name of a mermaid.
Pisínoe (Bracelet) is the persuasive mermaid, able to get what she wants, this bracelet will help you to make your dreams come true.
Aglaope (Pendant - big and small versions) is the mermaid of the beautiful face; pendant of this collection can be placed in the front and back, both ways it will dazzle everybody with its beauty.
Aglaófeme (Pendant is the mermaid of the beautiful voice. The pendant can be placed to the right or the reverse, both ways it will be impossible to pass unnoticed.
Telxione (Ring) means Heart's delight. In this ring, the shape closes on itself creating an effect of curves that meet and embrace.
Telxiepia (ring) is the mermaid of soothing words. The curves of this ring moving in opposite directions seeking balance.
Teles (ring) is considered the perfect mermaid. The curves of this ring flows in the same direction harmoniously coordinated.

Materials used:
Printed in 3D consisting of bronze and biodegradable plastic filament.
The pieces are sanded and buffed by hand to get that texture, due to its composition the finish is metallic but lighter than it appears.

Manufacturing process:
Digitized by software and made ​​by 3D printing. Hand sanding and buffing.

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Berenice Combe

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