Milla (2014)

This project consists of a series of photo paintins. The original photos were taken back in 2012 in Finland, right before my friend was about to get married.

According to an ancient Finnish tradition, rubbing raw eggs, sugar and flour on the bride's head brings good luck. This is a documentation of the process and the old tradition.

My work is about memories and the way time affects our perception of the past. Life as we know it is as thin as ice. The beauty of life is tightly linked to the fragility of our existence and to the disappearing nature of things.

Ever since photography was invented, it has kept company with the past tense. An image is kind of a certificate of presence, a solid object that we can hold in our hands and look over and over again. When looking at photographs there is always this certain feeling of lost moments and sentimentality.

Symbolic, silent language is important when looking at my work - I'm intrigued in using subjects as physical metaphors.

By using narrative understanding of photography my intention is to capture the essence of vulnerability that shapes our lives.

I wanted to use egg tempera because of its texture and history - egg tempera is one of the oldest paints.