Millie Denton

Seed Special in partnership with Stokesley School, North Yorkshire: Every day was the same. Julianne would manoeuvre down the steep decline of her island and search for her son. She had always lived on this island, and it was where she had lost Kai to the unforgiving depths. A spark of hope appeared when Julianne saw a motorboat speed by. It pushed something ashore. Something small, wearing clothes. She strode into the waters, desperately grasping. “Kai! Can you hear me?” Julianne picked it up and moved her fingers around the water-logged shirt. She tenderly sat back on the rocks and studied the seams and features of the petite clothing. -- A big thank you to Mr Adams from Stokesley School's English Department for inspiring his Creative Writing Club students to contribute to Seed.

Seed by Millie Denton, Year 8. Photograph by David Alan Harvey.