• Raafaye Ali

Misinformation is one of the largest threats on society in our digital age. Despite information being so easily accessible it doesn’t mean what we find is actually fact checked. Who’s agenda is disinformation supporting? We grew up naive once upon a time assuming if it’s on tv it must be true, the very same can be said online. When seeking to build our understanding of something to develop our knowledge, each piece of information is like a jigsaw piece, it's vital to read from various sources allowing us to puzzle it together in order to get an accurate bigger picture. We are in an era where it is so easy to mislead as well as weaponise misinformation to manipulate the general public around the world, as shown by the Cambridge analytica scandal, unfortunately there are countless companies that are just like them all manipulating data and information as propaganda is necessary in order for the 1% to maintain their stranglehold on power. It is vital that we take the time to question what we are soaking up, where is it coming from? What is their bias?, what is the cause? What is linked to this? Unfortunately many will utilise search engines seeking sources of information that support their ill informed opinions rather then conceding and acknowledging they might be wrong or not know enough, their goal is not to educate themselves but to find something that supports their opinion no matter how flawed it might be.