Motion Cloning

“A collaborative project that explores the potential of artistically produced 360 and editorial content in the fashion industry, Territory worked closely with Walk Agency to create a content package that captures the energy and innovation of London’s fashion industry, with a 360 at the heart of the concept.”

Stylists: Tanja Mjrnaus & Josh Scacheri; Assistant Stylists: Misha Khanbabaee-Fard & Sana Awan; Hair: Diego Miranda; Makeup: Emily Sheffield; Creative Director & Photographer: Sebastian Pons; Models: Neele Hoeper & Inka Hoeper


Misha Khanbabaee-Fard

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  • Assistant Stylist

Tanja Mrnjaus

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  • Stylist - Consultant
  •,, Id Couture

Project Tags

  • fashion film
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  • garments
  • editorial