Mr Martini

  • vittoria brondin

Corporate Identity of Mr. Martini, Italian agency which customize the motorcycle. MrMartini is a brand made out of sheer passion, dedication, research and unique creativity. MrMartini lab sums up the long-time experience of Nicola Martini; it is a place where things are not only created, but experimented with, and where unique motorbikes are created: MrMartini explores new concepts about motorbikes and accessories, creating new styles. Years dedicated to work and research have traced a unique two-wheeled story, a truly Italian story which contributed to the culture of motorbike Style. The worldwide presence of MrMartini creations has further highlighted the uniqueness of its style, in which both technical expertise and aesthetic intuitions help create smart prototypes, featuring new technical solutions and ultra fine finish, top materials and pleasant chromatic matches.