Music and Comedy Radio Show

  • Jake Storer
Whilst studying at BIMM London, I had my own Music and Comedy Radio Show called 'Bangers and Lash' which aired across all the BIMM institutes in the UK and Berlin. It was predominately a music show which contained bizarre, edgy comedy sketches which was influenced by TV shows such as 'BrassEye', 'The Day Today' and 'The Fast Show' yet the song choices were eclectic, varied and promoted talent from within the university. It gained a loyal fanbase with seven one-hour episodes airing over 8 months.
I gained valuable experience in organising and structuring a radio programme, writing comedy skits and improvising on air, promoting the show on social media and monitoring the analytics as well liaising with the head of the radio station on content.

I have started to take extracts from the Radio show and started putting them on my YouTube Channel