Music Festival Conceptualisation and Visual Branding

In the context of a Visual Communication and Branding project, I developed the concept for a new music festival. This involved defining the event's name, genre and artists line-up, creating a strategic business model and designing a full visual identity based on thorough market research. My festival concept was born out of a combination of two key notions: the powerful urban and natural atmosphere of Edinburgh's Calton Hill for the event's location and niche, modern folk for the music genre.
Nostalgia, authenticity and avant-guarde are three terms that sum up the event’s feel. The festival conveys a sense of community and closeness and is addressed to a well-informed young audience. The line up itself is a strategic communication choice; excluding mainstream artists allows the festival’s intimate and exclusive identity and its image to converge. It targets two particular market segments: Y generation hipsters/hippies and adulescents.
Musical references that carry calm and introspective connotations were brainstormed to find a name that could unify both audiences beyond their generational differences. Listening to Lou Reed’s iconic “Walk On the Wild Side” triggered the festival’s name: Folk On the Wild Side.
The targets of the festival have a major similarity: their inner indie-kid. From this common trait stems their individualistic and counter-mainstream values; a desire to go back to the 60s’ and 70s’ lifestyles. The targets are likely to have received a cultural upbringing and show it by being or aspiring to be trendsetters. Their individualistic and indie mindset entirely shape their music consumption: they reject commercial singles, are drawn to vintage products and see it as an essential component of their personality.
In the context of this project, I gathered thorough research and fed it into my creative process over two months in order to develop the festival's visual identity and come up with strategic marketing ideas. My project portfolio gives a better idea of the progression of my work. Below are a few snippets of the final material I produced.
Above: Festival logo
Above: Festival poster
Below: Openable flyer's front - a classic A6 format that becomes a horizontal A5 when unfolded
Above: Openable flyer's inside content
Below: Openable flyer's back when opened

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