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  • Peter Musschenga

Music School 'Kunstbedrijven Westerkwartier' is one of my oldest clients. I developed a brand in orange, red and magenta, with light blue and black as spot colors. Next to the regular brochures and flyers there's an annual musical and presentation week that need a design. As the music school is mainly for kids and teenagers, it is much fun to bring some joy and quirkiness into their designs.

This year's theme for the music performance was 'Klinkende Munten' (coins the make noise), after a story about money and how kids can handle it responsibly. I designed a composite statue of a (sounding) coin honking crazy guitar elephant with harp wings and drum legs!
Alice in Wonderland! In the sketching process, I discovered that the combination of two musical keys is very similar to (the ears of) a rabbit, the rabbit that tempts Alice to jump into the depths. That pit is represented by a spiral made up of musical notation.
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, can you imagine a more rewarding theme for a poster? For the music performance I built all kinds of treats from musical instruments. Violins and tubas became cakes, musical notes and metronomes became ice creams and from saxophones and harps I constructed candies. The central shapes (lollipops, cloud and ice creams) form Willy Wonka's crazy head.
The logo of the Music School consists of a contraction of the K and W. They make a dynamic form with the W resembling a lightning beam. They are placed in a way that associates with a chimney with a cloud coming out of it. The dynamic form stands for the energy that kids bring along, the cloud for they dreams they have in learning to play a musical instrument.

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