Mutt Mag

  • Rosie Spence
  • Alice Harrison
The outcome of a group project, briefed by Stack Magazines - MuttMag is an independent publication derived from a shared love and admiration of dogs and in response to the current canine abandonment crisis.
Mutt Mag peeks through the keyholes of the families and their happy rescue hounds, offering an undocumented glimpse into their secondchance of a forever home. The intent of the magazine is to explore the benefits of adopting dogs from rescue centres and educate that owning a dog is a forever commitment and that it doesn’t come without its challenges. The project’s purpose is to reflect an honest representationof rescue dogs through the oppressing of the misconceptions associated and enhance the chances of these abandoned dogs in receiving their second chance.
Issue one of Mutt Mag is appropriately entitled ‘Home’ and introduces the magazine to its readers, much like a family would introduce their newest member to its forever home. ‘Home’ features interviews from artists such as John Bond, Henry Garrett and an exclusive illustrationdesigned by Kristina Suvorova. Mutt Mag is in collaboration with theRSPCA and £1 from every issue of the magazine purchased is donatedto the charity, to assist their efforts in rehoming and rescuing animals.
Mutt Mag is stocked in magCulture and Fetch & Follow in London and Athenaeum in Amsterdam.
The magazine was nominated for 'Best Student Magazine' in the 2017 Stack Awards.