My Man

My Man comprises a series of ten new ‘paper portraits’ - a unique medium in which Stephenson has worked for the last 5 years. Each portrait consists of a constructed scene in which familiar date scenarios are played out between Stephenson and a sculpted clay boyfriend, which differs in each work. Scenarios include a picnic in the park, drinks at a noodle bar, and even a house party in which twenty-three of Stephenson’s friends and family also feature.
Meticulous in their composition, each paper set can take up to 3 weeks to construct and features painted backdrops and unique cardboard painted props. The ‘boyfriends’ vary in appearance and dress, yet all have their eyes closed, eroding individual identity.
Executed in Stephenson’s recognisable style, the series takes aim at society’s often prescriptive approach to love, romance and relationships, offering commentary on ideas of isolation, fantasy and the construction of self-image and identity.

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Mary Stephenson

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