My Work on HiddenMunich Instagram

Collaboration of HiddenMunich with Wir Machen Cupcakes (contest on Instagram)
Working at HiddenMunich I was able to make a couple of collaborations with different local companies.
This one was made with Wir Machen Cupcake in order to promote their Valentine's Day campaign, attract followers to HiddenMunich Instagram and to increase engagement.
Result: # of followers has increased by 5% and engagement has also grown by 10%
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Instagram feed of HiddenMunich
I've created content for HiddenMunich Instagram including pictures (iPhone + editing (VSCO, Lightroom, Snapseed, Facetune and others) and text.
I've managed to increase the # of followers from 9k to 15k over the course of 8 months. Engagement rate has gone up by 30%.
In addition, we had collaborations with brands, like Wir Machen Cupcakes, Suitlabs, Urban Soup, Caffe Ciamei, Bonjour Munich and others.

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Valeriya Anoshina

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