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Nadine N. Bone. Lettering, identity, social media for feminine brand consultant

About the client

Nadine N. Bone is a French brand artisan well known for her socially conscious entrepreneurs' clients projects. Her services include brand and marketing consultancy, brand vision and brand strategy.

Main goal

Two main goals were:
a. To succeed new market and grow up quality and perception of the brand
b. Highlight and translate brand character which is also the personality of the client into visual communication language.


To perform A target we defined our 2 main audience groups (existing audience and new audience we want to reach), our message which we will communicate and service which we will offer, but we all understand that unique message on the market is who you are, what is your approach and we smoothly going to the solution of the goal B. Instruments we used in B task were archetypal description of Nadine as a person and my task was to translate this 3 archetypes of her personality (regular, ruler, researcher) into the visual communication language. One of the hardest task was to understand where we will combine them: First level – logo lettering, Second level – logo collateral colors, images, typography and what is their percentage.

Briefly archetype descriptions

Regular: down-to-earth, accessible, friendly, warm, non-judgemental, tolerant, patient, calm, reflective
Ruler: competent, skilled, focused, driven, strong-willed, ambitious, achiever, performer, results-oriented, excellent, high-end, high-level, prestigious, insightful, perceptive, articulate
Researcher: sage person, academic type of person, researcher, planning, strict, pedant, perfectionist, clever, rationalistic

So we had our archetypes and we needed a strategy of the balance and we decided to combine all archetypes in the same balance in the logo and activate one archetype we need with images or color or content which represents one archetype style. As you may see in this project and in my approach – I always have theoretical or logical reason to make a decision on the project and that is what difference me from the other designer on the market.

Social media represented as an editorial page to reflect editor in chief past of Nadine where each post is a new page.

Project Tags

  • fashion
  • aesthetics
  • lettering
  • Custom type
  • typography
  • Minimal
  • Luxury
  • gynarchy, feminism, matriarchy, gynolatry
  • Personal branding
  • brand identity

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