Narrating the Nation 01

Narrating the Nation is an investigative journey exploring the views of the public on the notion of national identity in the modern day. Issue 01 engages with the concept of British national identity. 
Interviews with the British public were conducted in 8 locations throughout England, Scotland and Wales. Wherever interviews were conducted, camcorder footage was also taken as a representation of modern day Britain. Throughout the publication, this is paired against classical paintings from the 1500s onwards, largely of the British Empire, exemplifying a portrayal of Britain both past and present.
The investigation is also supported by existing written material on the notion of national identity and Britishness which provide further concepts, opinions and background from the established voices of Mark Easton, Akala and Stuart Hall.
This project was exhibited at Twofold, London in July 2017, displayed with accompanying posters.
164 pages, 148 gsm uncoated paper. Hardcover and perfect bound.

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Jennifer Whitworth

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