• Ryan Hewitt
  • Evie Nairne

The DIRTYRICH festival tour of 2018 , a collaboration with NASS & DIRTYRICH. Nass A FOUR DAY FESTIVAL OF MUSIC, STREET ART, SKATE + BMX. The activation was part stage activation and part DIRTYRICH Festival store running simultaneously with a collaboration of three T shirts with a "back to the rave" concept, high lighting the history of Nass and Dirty Rich with a take on "back to the future" . We also had a production office and main stage "RAVE" building which myself and team members had to build the interior out of shipping pallets for walls and a 'fake' sound proofing theme out of 90's styled egg case's...with in two days and pass all fire and safety inspections. The stage activation had back to back DJ's for the whole 4 day event, from house, DNB , Dubstep and techo. last but not least we also produced the look book & editorial for our Big Business collection of 2019 as well. Please take a look!