National Justice Museum (Collaborative Project)

  • Frankie Evans

Collaborative project for The National Justice Museum. The education department wanted a teaching aid created for young children to learn and identify Civil and Criminal law. We decided to do this is the form of a card game where there is a card that illustrates the crime, a card with the name of the crime and another card with text of which law it is. The aim is to match all 3 cards correctly for each illustration. We also created a mock-up of possible packaging design. We used bears to depict the crimes so that the characters would not depict any stereotypes within society, and the NJM has a Bear Room within the courts, so we thought this would be a good way to resolve this possible issue. The National Justice Museum also gave us their corporate colours, which we used exclusively within the designs. Credits: Eve French, Francisco Rodrigues, Angelique Master, Kerrie Mccauley, Scott Evans.