National Trust: Duffield Castle

The remains of one of England's largest 13th-century castles.
The National Trust are undertaking an archaeological dig to better understand what the original footprint of the castle would have been. The stones currently above ground were placed there by Victorian antiquarians when the castle was ‘rediscovered’ in 1886, and they missed key parts of the castle – like the fore building. In time the National Trust hope to raise funds to rebuild the walls and show a true outline of what was possibly England’s third largest medieval keep.
The brief:
• the work has no constraints regarding content or format however it must respond creatively to the Duffield Castle site.
• research the site and wider location, its history and historical importance in order to establish the themes of interest.
I decided to focus on people's memories of the place. After meeting with Di from Duffield, I've gained a recording with her memories of the city and the Castle Hill.
There is nothing than foundations. I decided to use typography to show Castle's outline. The recording helps other people to imagine the place, and to build an image of the Castle in their imagination. There's no upper part, only foundations of the word 'castle' remained. At the end, people are more aware of this place- the voice led them to create feelings and to imagine something, what does not exist anymore. I plan to project this animation on the wall, so the effect of disappearing and arriving text will strengthen the impact.

The animation is available at:

Team Credits

Monika Podniesinska

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  • Graphic designer and Image maker

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  • animation
  • National Trust
  • Duffield Castle
  • Graphic Design
  • typography
  • Adobe After Effects